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Shanxi is precisely doing a good job of "external prevention input" epidemic prevention and control work

Shanxi is precisely doing a good job of "external prevention input" epidemic prevention and control work

  Original title: [Cautiously do the normal epidemic prevention and control] Tighten the first-line cleavage security network – the province’s precision "Outer Prevention Input" Epidemic Prevention and Control Work, I have insisted all over the province Recent, control detail, close attention to key places and key links such as traffic farm station, logistics express delivery, and strictly and met the prevention and control measures, and put good input, and strictly build the strict defense of the epidemic prevention and control. Strengthening the prevention and control initiative and then strengthen September 13th, in the airport of the Yuncheng Airport Normalized epidemic prevention and control, strengthening the return shipping personnel investigation. Temporary nucleic acid detection points, medical staff in protective clothing, nucleic acid detection of entering, returning personnel, all collect samples will be transferred to square compartment laboratories.

Under the thick protective clothing, the medical staff is busy with sweating, and the inspectors are actively cooperating with the test arrangements, orderly, and the nucleic acid detection is highly efficient. Zhang Baozhong, director of the Yuncheng Airport Emergency Office, introduced the defense, anti-prison, anti-rebound, they are strengthening control measures in all aspects. Airport implementation partition arrives at management policies to ensure that people from high-risk areas are not in contact with other travelers.

For travelers entering the terminal, realize the full coverage of entering the building, staff proactive tips and help passengers to perform scanning, and do orderly maintenance.

In addition, the airport strict employee work, rest regional management, the ventilation and frequency of life of the terminal is further enhanced, the airport staff counter the counter counter, ticket counter, security verification and baggage baskets, etc. 3 times, elevator armrests, straightforward, internal handrails, buttons, all bathrooms in the waiting building 1 time, ferry, unit pick-up car, after use, make sure to disinfect it, ensure that the dead end is not left.

  In addition, Yuncheng Airport has also strengthened employee health management, and the whole staff actively registered the vaccination of 100%. Two nucleic acid tests were carried out for employees, and reported a daily health situation. There was an abnormality in time; do a good job in air garbage All garbage is sent to the garbage disposal center after disinfection, preventing the epidemic from spreading through the airport, blocking the chain of the epidemic. It is not necessary to pay attention to control and control more accurate. , The duty duty Wang Hao is organized, wearing a mask, goggles and protective gloves, takes the walkie-talkie, and prepares the first train to meet the day. "All transportation stations should be better than the entrance of the head, strictly inspected the nucleic acid detection negative report within 48 hours of the senior high-risk regions.

Unable to provide, please cooperate with the local epidemic prevention and control department, the first drop, the first time for nucleic acid detection.

"In the latest notice released by the Epidemic Prevention and Control Office of Changzhi City, it is required to keep abroad, foreign high-risk areas and related regions to long-term returned people, cold chain logistics, etc., key parts, active research and judgment, strict investigation, classification Control and control, to strengthen the investigation and nucleic acid testing work involving the exchange of high-risk areas and Changzhi exchange, to make the same check, all defense, early discovery, ensure strict defense, do not leave the dead angle. To effectively control and reduce the risk of the epidemic Changzhi City Postal Administration strictly controls the delivery channels of the channel, from the employee personal protection, implement the mail to fully kill, strengthen the production of the production and business places management, etc. error".

Adopt a branch disposal from the high-risk areas, the person is responsible, registered one by one, order one by one, and send it on the next day to ensure safety.

For external returned vehicles, especially medium-high-risk regions, the transportation vehicles enter the treatment site, perform disinfection treatment, the driving passenger needs to wear masks to detect body temperature, and to do a good job in nucleic acid detection, ensure that the epidemic prevention work is unloraity. The standard does not reduce the prevention and control network is more strict to address the current epidemic prevention and control situation. Datong City strictly implements the importance of various epidemic prevention and control, controlling the main traffic station control of the airport and railway station, strengthens each process, every link, to ensure No dead end, no blind zone, no vulnerability, woven fabric prevention and control network, effectively reduce the entry input risk. According to the prevention and control of the epidemic, Datong South Railway Station is a temperature measurement, real name verification ticket, and health code inspection.

Within the waiting room, the passengers are seated on request, and the staff timed with disinfectants to disinfect the waiting hall and seats.

Due to the duty, Liu Jiahui introduced that every 4 hours will conduct a comprehensive ventilation and disinfection of the waiting room, and the station entrance and exit has also installed the passenger thermal imaging facial temperature measurement screening system, and the exit is also set up, and the emergency box is equipped. Strictly prevent the epidemic and spread through the railway input.

  Airport is a person-intensive place and the focus of epidemic prevention and control. Datong Yunkang Airport is strictly in accordance with the requirements, implement measures such as port travelers wearing masks, measured temperatures, and strictly check health code, stroke code, and ensure that the epidemic prevention work is not lost.

The reporter saw in the Tanjian Yunkang Airport Welcome Hall, and passengers can follow the epidemic prevention, and the site order is well.

The relevant person in charge of Yunkang Airport introduced that there is a passage of passengers from low-risk areas from domestic low-risk areas, and the health code (green code) temperature can be passed; according to the prevention and control requirements of our province, since September 11th, strict Check the nucleic acid detection negative report from Fujian’s 48 hours in 48 hours. Unable to provide the epidemic prevention and control department, in the first drop (airport), the first time was detected.

  Li Jiawing Zhao Zhicheng Zhou Mingfei Cheng Xiangxiang.