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The beginning of the North Exchange focuses "earlier, smaller, updated", further reduces the hard threshold of enterprises.

The beginning of the North Exchange focuses "earlier, smaller, updated", further reduces the hard threshold of enterprises.

SMEs are good, the Chinese economy will be good.

The North Exchange is highly eye-catching, behind the huge expectations of the development of SMEs.

Based on innovative small and medium-sized enterprises and financial industries, continue to make the help work to send umbrellas in the carbon rain in the snow, and add more fires in the fire, and add bricks to the cultivation of bricks. Beijing Stock Exchange opened this week, the first batch of 81 listed companies operate robust, growth, and investors’ subscriptions. As a Shanghai-Shenzhen Exchange, the third stock exchange established in mainland China, North Exchange is positioned in the development of innovation and development of SMEs, which has a signative meaning for my country’s capital market reform. Debuting the new three board selection layers, the sea of ??the North Exchange is more from the thickness of the thickness. From the 2012 new three boards and first listing, the selected layer is launched in 2020 and clear the turning board mechanism, and then the city will be opened in the North Exchange, which can be described as a sword.

In this process, the characteristics of supporting the innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises have always been distinct. Compared with the CCB, the GEM’s GEM, the North Exchange is more focused on earlier, smaller, and updated, further reduces the hard threshold of the company’s listing. Many specializing new enterprises can be listed in the North Exchange, get more efficient open market financing trading services, and the refund can continue to be in the innovation layer, the base layer is deeply cultivated, and the efforts to further development.

It can be said that the upgrade from the board is meant that the growth opportunities and trading platforms of SMEs have got a leap.

SMEs are good, the Chinese economy will be good.

The North Exchange is highly eye-catching, behind the huge expectations of the development of SMEs.

There is a invisible champional theory in management, refers to the continuous development of export trade and economic development in a country, often due to the continuous development of SMEs.

As the world’s strong country, Germany, not only large enterprises in the world, but also more than 1400 SMEs are worldwide. Long-term observation of China’s economy will also find that some key indicators reflecting the new kinetic energy of economic development, such as the increase in the increase in high-tech manufacturing in industrial strategic emerging industries, which are rapidly increased in GDP growth.

This new economy has grown, and it is considerate from the growth of SMEs. Data show that SME contributes more than 70% of technology innovation in my country, creates more than 80% of new products.

Whether it is a medical device, wisdom home, or the precision element of the oversized project, or the wireless security, some enterprises is not large, but in the segmentation industry, with the unique stunt fist products, it has become China to create Chinese intelligence. Strength.

SMEs have a aura, energetic, and large extent derived from their continued innovation. As with entrepreneurs, innovation often comes from a strong sense of crisis, there is no indispensable technology, we are difficult to make a fortune in fierce competition, eventually defeat. In the face of cruel market competition, the advantages of large enterprises lies in scale and strength, but with the growth of the volume, it is inevitable that there will be a fatigue problem under the intensity of the income, in a certain field.

SMEs are active squid, and there is a hard work, in subversive technology development, breakthrough technological innovation, often more advantages and potential. Throughout the history of the world’s science and technology giants, it is a few people, a dozen people’s small businesses, some or even born in the garage. And they are not based on original technological innovation, step by step, growing from small saplings into a big tree.

Springs grow in the sun. On the one hand, innovation is a breakthrough in nine deaths, especially the breakthroughs in key areas, difficulty, high test, trial, precipitation process, and less powerful funds, policies.

Apple, Amazon, etc.

On the other hand, the amount of small and medium enterprises is broad, affected by the epidemic, tension, financing cost, and insufficient risk-risk ability.

For a long time, institutional innovation promotes the innovation development of SMEs, providing SMEs to provide effective mechanisms for the financing and gathering quality resources, which are always a major topic that is urgent to solve, and is the international problem. In this case, whether it is the national issuance of "guidance" to promote the healthy development of SMEs, but also set up an Beijiao to the SMEs to settle, it is an important exploration of the reality, which helps to stabilize and enhance corporate confidence. And expectations. A city can not stand up in the innovation head, to see the positioning, watching mechanism, but also to see the results, see the effectiveness, especially if there is how much, the originality of the rang, leading the results. Beijing scientific and technological innovation resources are rich, and the benefits of resources can not be transformed into innovative achievements. The key one is whether to activate the vitality creativity of SMEs to create more basic research and industrial development bridge links.

In recent years, from the overall development of the main platform of the three cities and Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, to formulate 30 implementation of the implementation of the department, the high-precision industry 10 + 3 and other series of policies, Beijing’s goal is always the creation of the innovation Ecology, let innovation companies have better ground roots.

At the moment, the Beijiao Office is undoubtedly an important opportunity. It is based on innovative small and medium-sized enterprises and financial industries. Continue to do the help work to send umbrellas in the carbon rain in the snow. It is not responsible for the historical mission of the International Science and Technology Innovation Center. It is not until it will be in the future. Serving SMEs are a system engineering. I look forward to the North Exchange to open a new bureau. In order to better serve SMEs, add new motivation for China’s economic high quality development.

(Original title: Incense innovation vitality to help earlier and smaller updates) (Author Si Xing).