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The latest situation of new coronary virus pneumonia in Jiangsu, November 16

The latest situation of new coronary virus pneumonia in Jiangsu, November 16

At 0-24 November, 14 cases in Jiangsu newly entered a diagnosis case (all of the Philippines input, the same entry ship crew, in Lianyungang City designated hospital isolation treatment). At present, there were 18 cases of diagnosis of treatment of fixed-point hospital (3 cases, 15 cases of overseas), and 4 cases (all overseas input) were received by medical observations. Since January 22, 2020, the province has reported 1617 cases of new crown pneumonia confirmed patients (including 162 cases of overseas). The epidemic risk level reminded as of 24:00 on November 16th, there were 8 high-risk areas, 95 medium-risk areas: high-risk areas (8): Heilongjiang Province Heilongjiang Province (3): Aihui District Luyuanchun Community Hongzhi Community, Zhang Yingzi Township Bubble along the village, thermal community Sunshine Home Community. Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province (1): Hezhuang Village, Dawei County. Xinji City, Hebei Province (1): Xiaoxinzhuang Township Xiaodong District. Chengdu, Sichuan Province (1): Chenghua District, Chenghua District, Dongyuan West District. Dalian, Liaoning Province (2): Zhang Tun Community in Xinhua Street, Zhuanghe City, Changsheng Street Zhang Tun Community. Medium-risk areas (95): Ningxia Yinchuan City (2): Jinfeng District Forest Peninsula Community, Xingqing District Sun City Garden Community.

Beijing Changping District (1): Tiantong Beiyuan Second Community. Haidian District, Beijing (1): Fu Li Taoyuan C District, West 3rd Flag Street, Haidian District.

Heilongjiang Province Heihe City (17): Aihui District Bowen Community Changhui Athens City Community, Bowen Community Shangpin Jiayuan Community, Changhai Community Zhongfang Building 76 Building Community, Changhai Community Shengtai Community, Human Bao Financial Insurance Community Forestry Capital Building Community , Jinlan Community Forestry Capital Community, Warm Community North Country Pearl Community, Warm Community Oya Riverside Community, Bowen Community Academic House Community, Fulong Community Yimin 2nd District, Changhai Community Pengrui New Starting Community, Changhai Community Anju Community, Changhai Community Longbin Road Traffic A, Financial Community Huahe Community, Unicom Community, Jinlong Community, Middle School, No. 90, House, Town, Town, Town. Harbin, Heilongjiang Province (1): The Phase II of the Golden Jiayuan Community (No. 7, No. 8, 9).

Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province (3): Ge Xiangshan Town, Leadshan County, Xinzhou District Hyde Wenjingyuan Community, Iron San Community Jinfeng Garden.

Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province (1): Xihe Village, Shenze County.

Chengdu, Sichuan Province (9): Jinjiang District Blu-ray · Kaili Xiangjiang Community; Xinhua District Xingyuan Huasheng Phase II; Xipu Tianzhu Community, Xucu District, Xi County Lingting Community, China; High-tech Zone Poly Lily Garden Community , Champs Elys Elys Elys Elysees, No.354, Jinji Village, Zichi Street, New District, New District, China to Yumin Street, No. 14, Yumin Street; No. 27 Guangming Street, Dujiangyan City, No. 27 Guangming Street, No. 27 Guangming Street, Dujiangyan City, No. 65 Guangming Street.

Zhengzhou City, Henan Province (7): Fuyang City Jiayu Town Binhu Community, Wenze Community, Guo Gang Village, Chu Village, Lu Village, Jinshui District Future Road Office Yinji Dynasty Fourth, Xinmi City Xinhua Road Xinhui Street Community. Zhoukou City, Henan Province (1): Dugou County Nanguan Community. Deli Nationality, Yunnan Province (4): The villagers of the Sister East Village Committee of Ruili City, the villagers of the village committee, the town of Hain Island, etc. To Heping Street, South to Democracy Street and Huandong Road, west to Zhengyang Road, north to National Defense Street); Naibang Town Street Village Committee in Yingjiang County. Yubei District, Chongqing (2): No. 398, Shijiaohe Community, Baosheng Lake Street, Chongqing Xingqi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Changshou District, Chongqing (1): A group of Central Park Community, No. 88, West Second Road, Gu Town Community, Bodhi Street.

Dalian, Liaoning Province (45): Building 184, Wuchang Street, Wuchang Community, Zhongshan District; Building 26, K3, Jinquan, Longyuan District, Quanshui Street, Ganjingzi District, Yaoxing Community, Nanguanling Street, Yaoxing Community No. 32, Quanshui Street, Binhe Community, Jindi Tanxi Community, No. 8, Tanhe Community, Quanshui Street, No. 9, P5 District, Huiquan Community, Quanshui Street, Suyijia Community, Quanshui Street, No. 51, No. 51, Nanguan Road Building No. 1, Yueling Street, Guanyuan Community, Building 18, No. 18, No. 18, Quan Yue Community, Quanshui Street, Yaoxing Community, Nanguanling Street, Yaoxing Community, Nanguan Road, 36 Hua Run, Zhonghua Road, Munyang Community, China Resources, Trinaire 3, No. 39 Building 39 Zhuanghe City, Chengguan Street, Ocean Village, Shagang, Chengguan Street, Haiyang Village, Mingrun Street, Mingrun District, Mingrun District, Changsheng Street, Junhu Community, Xinxing Zi County, Chengguan Street, Ocean Village, Yutong, Chengguan Street Gold Community Xinhua Community, Chengguan Street, Xinxing Community, Xinhua Road, No. 22, Jinxiang Community, Chengguan Street, Xingxian Community, Xingda Street, Xinggou Community, Xiahe Yixi, Changsheng Street, Junhu Community, Xiuxiyuan Community, Chengguan Street Shui Xian Community Jin Yuefu Community, Xinhua Street Changzheng Community Xinhua Road, No. 64, No. 91, Changsheng Street, Jinchang Village, Chengguan Street, Xinhua Street, Changling Town, Hongchang Village, Changling Town, Hanta Town Tuan Village, Hiwu, Houjao Town hopes hopes to home park, Chengguan Street, New Community, Century Lily Community, Changsheng Street Market Community, Xishan Lakeside, Xinhua Street Park Community, Xinhua Road, Xinhua Street, Xinhua Road, Xinhua Road 4 No. 5, Chengguan Street Pearl Community Yinglunhe Mountain Phase I Community, Xingda Street Hexi Community Xing District, Xingda Street, Guangfu Community, No. 2, No. 2, No. 2, Xuling Community, Xinhua Street, No. 333, Xuling Community, Xinhua Street, Yinling, Lanbian Township, Baoji Village, Lanbian Township At the 18th epitax, the Horizu Town, Hesi Town, Hesoshima Town, Xiyang Village, Heidao Town, Xicheng Village, Dahizheng Town, Geoteham Village, Donggang, Zhizhou City, Xinhua Street, Yangchun Community, Yangchun Road, Yangchun Community building. Overseas (except for Macao low-risk) is still all high-risk areas.

Experts remind: the recent local confirmed cases in many parts of the country, the current epidemic situation is still more and more complicated. Delta variand plant has the characteristics of fast communication, fast replication, long turnover time, and puts more challenges for epidemic prevention and control. Everyone is the first responsible person of his own health. To continue to do health protection, pay close attention to the official release of epidemic authority information, domestic epidemic situation, medium and high-risk areas, do not believe, do not violate, always be vigilant, strict prevention, support Combine prevention and control measures.

First, take the initiative to report, cooperate with prevention and control management. Adhere to non-needless to leave, do not go to high-risk areas and have local cases.

Recently, there are local cases of traditions, especially in the new discovery case or trajectory (return) Su person, should be as soon as possible after the resilience (recommended should not exceed 2 hours) actively to the unit, community ( Village group) or stay at the hotel report, actively cooperate with the implementation of information registration, nucleic acid detection and isolation observation and other prevention and control measures.

Second, actively vaccinate new crown virus vaccine.

Vaccine is the best way to prevent neogignan pneumonia, which helps to establish a group immunization barrier, slow down, and ultimately block the disease popular, protect the health of individuals and family. Follow the community or unit arrangement, in strict accordance with the immunization procedure, press in time to vaccinate on time. The key group is in time to enhance immunization.

Third, adhere to the normalized epidemic prevention and control measures.

Autumn and winter is the high season of respiratory infectious diseases, and wear a mask in a clutch space.

In public malls, restaurants, hotels, shadow theater, stadium, etc.

Take public transport, elevator, in hospitals, patients with fever or respiratory infection, and high-risk exposure in health, transportation and other industries, should properly wear masks. Fourth, enhance personal protection awareness.

Persevere to wash your hands, wear a mask, always ventilated, less gather, use gathering, dating, etc. Good personal hygiene habits. Once fever, dry cough, fatigue, nasal congestion, runny, sore, smell, smell, conjunctivitis, myalgia, and diarrhea, etc., should be in accordance with the regulation procedure, and take the initiative to info 14 days activity trajectory and contact history.

Wear masks on the medical road to avoid riding a public transport. Source: Healthy Jiangsu Recommended.