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Three-in-one village and harmonious "password"

Three-in-one village and harmonious "password"

  In these days, Yin Yingshu, the Dance Team of the Sanhe Village Dance Team of Ulanhada Town, Wulante, Xing’an League, was very busy. She is tightening more than 20 sisters, ready to welcome the 40th old age in the village.

With the melodious songs, the players who wear the festival danced, hood, and the movements did not hit the horses and the face blooming happy smiles.

  "There are Han people, Korean, Mongolia, and everyone in our dance team, more time, more and longer, every day, there are incomplete." Yin Yingshu said that every time, the sisters will gather together. Rendering dance, national unity here is habit and conscious. "The old age is the traditional festival of the Korean, respecting the old man is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. During the year, the village is more lively than the New Year." Xu Zhongfeng, the secretary of the Party branch of the Sanhe Village, said that two days celebrated the old festival In the time, the villagers will take the initiative to buy ingredients, cook together, play games together, sing dance together.

Whether it is the Korean special kimchi, the Mongolian traditional food is also a cooking stew that Han villagers took hands, they were placed on the table. Over the years, the unique cuisine in the mysteries of all national cultures in Sanhe Village has now been a common life preference.

  Amu Gulang River, returned to the river, the three rivers of the Yue Erhee, the three-in-one villages have known. In the past 84 years, the Village has lived in the Han nationality, Korean, Mongolian, Manchu, Daur, and the villagers of the 6th nations of the Ziyu Village, and resolved a warm and fungus. "Combined" word.

  "The earliest villagers have much more bitter, how can they think that Sanhe Village will have today’s development, everyone can live this good day.

"In the story of Xu Siji, the history of Sanhe Village is presented in front of the reporter. In the spring of 1937, the land of the land was raised more than 100 North Korea farmers to plant rice, opened up three-in-three farm, which is today’s three-in village. .

At that time, the peasants killed the death, and they were completed until the end of the year, and then buckled the physical goods including rations, seeds, cultivated cattle and various agricultural machinery, but also owed the debt. However, even in a hard environment, the three-in-village people have always maintained hardworking, kind, brave, united spirit. "All national unity and mutual help are always the fine traditions of Sanhe Village. Only the Korean villagers in the village have grown rice. Later, other ethnic masses have also continued to join, and the earthquistence should develop rice planting. The Korean people in the village will be selected, Rice planting techniques such as field management teach other national villagers, and there is a beautiful scene of all national villagers to harvest together. "Xu Zhongfeng said proudly, now the rice planting area of ??Sanhe village has exceeded 10,000 acres. The autumn wind is light, and the rice field is laminched.

As an important rice production base for Xing’an League, Huang Chengcheng’s rice has become a magic weapon that has increasingly increasingly involved in the people of Sanhe Village.

At the moment, the thousands of mu of rice fields are about to usher in harvest, and the three-in-one-increasing three-in-one villagers, the smile on the face is more gaining. "The true feelings between the neighbors are helping, far beyond the differences in the nation.

"70 years ago, Grandfather, Mrs. Wu Tingcai with a family moved from Changtu County, Liaoning Province to three-in-Zhejiang village, relying on the work of working with others. With the gradual increase in the daily exchanges with the villagers, Wu Tingcai’s grandfather also masters Rice planting technology. "Since the point of mind, the family is in the rice, the father is teaching me, can live in the good days, you can ink everyone the help, and you must love each other, help each other, and make each other. Wu Tingcai said. The Korean villagers teach Wu Tingcai, not just rice planting technology.

A few years ago, Wu Tingfilm operated a restaurant, the main Korean cuisine. But when I opened the store, Wu Tingcai made of food always lacked some "taste". When he adjusted the ingredients to find the reason, the village is hot, the Korean Dynasty, Jiang Xin Shu and Yin Yingshu took the initiative to taught the authentic practice of her own good dishes. Wu Tingcai.

Subsequently, the fragrant seafood specialty gourmet dog meat soup immediately became a restaurant.

  In addition, in the processing of rice treatment season, Sanhe Village Organic Rice Planting Professional Cooperatives, workers play rice, split bags, packaging, quality inspection … it is working in an orderly manner.

Since its establishment in 2014, Zhang Haifeng, Chairman of the Cooperative, led 803 households and orders to a small dream. "There are national employees in the cooperatives. Everyone works together, constantly communicating with exchanges, and income also increases slowly, and the days have passed the red fire." Zhang Haifeng said. The place is still that, but the output has changed.

Today, Sanhe Village firmly grasps the development of modern agriculture. It has a plan to promote agricultural integration development. Use "cooperative + farmers" planting business model, according to unified varieties, unified cultivation, unified management, unified harvesting, unified processing , Unified propaganda, unified sales of "seven unified" planting management models, so that the quality of "green healthy rice" is increasingly guaranteed. At the same time, take advantage of the location and resource advantage, relying on the city’s rice industry’s "a belt four district" advantages and local 10,000 mu of waterfield, combined with rice sightseeing, recognizing agriculture, and fishing rice in the village of rice industry.

  "We have already got rid of poverty, and our three-in-law is great." Xu Zhongfeng said with emotion, and the development of bonus transformation into the people of all ethnic groups. Let everyone cherish the stability.

  "Country revitalization is the direction, a good rice, and the three-in-one rice will be famous.

In the village in the village, united each other, a family of the villagers of the three-in-one villagers … "The" Two Committee "of the" Two Committee "team members jointly created, sang the co-living, common learning, For a common thing, a happy life is a good life. In the past few years, Sanhe Village has received the "National National Unity Progress Advanced Collective" "China Minority National Special Village" "National Water Conservancy Scenic Area" "National Ecological Cultural Village" and other titles, these honors Behind the back, it is a family income and get rich. It is a comprehensive promotion of the people’s livelihood project. It is the result of the special industry. On the Kangzhuang Avenue. (Reporter Hu Ji Qigong Na correspondent Zhang Zhaoqi) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Bai Jianping) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.