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Revitalizing Cup National Youth Vocational Skills Competition Chongqing Preliminary Same

Revitalizing Cup National Youth Vocational Skills Competition Chongqing Preliminary Same

The opening scene. Ye Zeyang is understood that this contest is hosted by the Chongqing Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, Chongqing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.

It is worth mentioning that "Zhenxing Cup" National Youth Vocational Skills Competition is a national-level professional skill competition, and is also the annual "college entrance examination" of young skills. The competition is designed to enhance the professional skills level and innovative and innovative capacity to build platforms to provide assistance, motivate youth to take skills into talents, skills to build the country of China, to create a "智 造 重 镇" and cultivate a group of high-skilled youth Talents, better in the youth to promote the spirit of labor, the spirit of labor, and craftsmen. On behalf of the contestants, the contestants were oath. The organizer will be in accordance with the requirements of the contest, carefully organize, carefully arranged to do this competition, and promote the glory of labor in the whole society, the skills of skills, the cost of skill, create a great era, form "advocating a skill, university A good atmosphere with ability to make a contribution.

  The organizing committee of the competition said that through this competition, you will guide the professional youth to determine the ideal beliefs, stand firm, and practice the hard work, participate in the strong country, the skills, the skills, the skills, the main road, write the most brilliant youth.

  It is reported that this competition is divided into two types of competitions (vocational skills competition), special tour (innovative and effective competition), and the performance of all competitions will participate in the national finals.

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