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Strengthen trust and cooperation work together to contribute to human development

Strengthen trust and cooperation work together to contribute to human development

I am very honored to participate in the "One Belt" International Cooperation Summit Forum! I have a friendship with you and you, talk about it here.

Friendship and cooperation must be built on mutual trust and understanding, without mutual trust, there will be no real friendship and cooperation. Every international conference is to strengthen cooperation opportunities, let us find a common position, a effort to build a better world contribution. At the same time, we have actively solved the common problems in the friendly attitude. China has always conducted friendly cooperation with countries on mutual understanding, rather than using their own influence or strong national strength to force him to cooperate.

We think this is the meaning of international relations.

The biggest challenge facing today is how to protect the development of human development, especially the people’s rights and the friendly relations between the people of the people. If we don’t trust each other, it is difficult to build the "Earth Village" in the true sense, and it is difficult to coexist.

China is a real friend of Myanmar, always standing with us. When you are in trouble, when we encounter difficulties, China and the Chinese Communist Party will always send charcoal in snow, give us the necessary help and support. Burmese is an important part of cooperation in Myanmar in the "One Belt" Construction Area.

We look forward to cooperating with relevant projects to develop the friendly friendship of Myanmar to the new level. Myanmar is still in the early days of development, facing a variety of difficulties and challenges. We are very grateful to those who respect, understand and trust us, and we also look forward to contributing to the development of their own development and the well-being of all countries while achieving progress.

China is an example of Myanmar. The diligence and perseverance of the Chinese people are unmatched in any of the world. We wish to learn China and achieve national development through persistent efforts. We are full of confidence in the victory challenges that overcome the current situation and achieve national peace, development and prosperity.

At the same time, we also look forward to establishing a more close friendly relationship with countries around the world. Thanks to China to provide us with this important opportunity! Myanmar extended a friendship to the world, always welcoming people of all countries, and also enthusiastically embraces a variety of cultures, and hopes to work with countries to contribute to human development! This article is transferred from the "Contemporary World" Total No. 450.