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The alarm lies, after being chased, insults, the policeman is arrested 10

The alarm lies, after being chased, insults, the policeman is arrested 10

The man accepted the police trial. Xu Yu Rong took on October 15th, and the first thinking of the county police reported that a man insulted the policeman by administrative detention for 10 days. According to the police, at 23:55 on October 13, the "110" command center of the county public security bureau received a man "110" command center, but the representation of the man’s telephone will be "懵".

The man reported that it was chased in Huancheng East Road, requiring police to handle.

When the policeman asked the alarm man and the basic information of the person, the man was grouped, and he could not tell the situation in the scene and the case of the individual surname, and use the filthy language to insult the police. Considering that the alarm may encounter difficulties or dangers, the command center immediately instructs the Siyang Police Station to dispose of the disposal.

Police police went to the county town to go to the East Road, and did not find a police scene and alarm.

The police of the police returned to the police station, and the man who sent a wine and sent a wine. When verified the case, the man found that the man was called "Help" and insulted the party Pan. "I know is wrong, I am sorry for the policeman.

"Panmou since the wine. Pan ‘s behavior was performed on the 10th administrative penalty for administrative detention due to the relevant provisions of the illegal punishment law. Public security organs reminded: 110 alarm platform is an important social public resource, responsible for urgent The important responsibility of the police, emergency rescue, citizens should reasonably, legally use the 110 alarm help phone, and let the limited public resources give people that truly need.

Malicious harassment 110 is a serious illegal act, and the public security organ will punish and hit according to law according to the law of the People’s Republic of China. (Editor -: Li Minjun, Huang Yumei) Sharing let more people see.