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Title system reform Shaanxi Key focus in these three areas

Title system reform Shaanxi Key focus in these three areas

People Xi’an November 12 electric (Deng Nan) "to break the career development ‘ceilings established’ do, assess what the Director of professional and technical personnel management at the provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Ji Yan Shi said that our aim is to deepen reform, promote human chain, industrial chain and innovation chain "three chain integration" to maximize the release of human innovation and create momentum, to provide personnel support to accelerate the construction of an innovative country.

This morning, Shaanxi Province, "Shaanxi struggling to write a new chapter in the development of high-quality" series of games, held the ninth conference, the Director of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social professional and technical personnel management office Ji Yan Shi titles on institutional reform, the focus of Shaanxi focus what introduction. Career break "ceiling." According to Ji Yan Shijie Shao, adding in the 11 series are senior titles, expanding professional and technical personnel career development, Shaanxi Province, nearly one million professional and technical personnel benefit.

While breaking the constraints of household registration, identity, ownership and other smooth non-public economic organizations, freelancers and highly skilled job promotion channels to solve some of the problem areas burnout "ship to the pier car station", encouraging people to show their talents in the wide world . Establish "what, what assessment" evaluation guide.

According to Ji Yan Shijie Shao, Shaanxi refining talent classification, science to develop evaluation criteria, "We developed the series just the most basic provincial evaluation criteria, but also to the place set aside plenty of room for innovation, allowing the country formulated according to the actual situation of not less than the local provincial standards and industry standards. highlight the "who employer, who evaluate the" evaluation mechanism title system reform Shaanxi Province to implement the "put tube dress," calls for reform, a clear social sectors to strengthen macro-economic control, reduce micro-transaction management full authorization to the employer body, the main role of the government to play a multiple evaluation, market, employers, and jointly create a favorable institutional environment play a role in talent.

Title evaluate the presence of title system for reform.