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The Tourism City Cooperation Alliance Conference is held in 渝

The Tourism City Cooperation Alliance Conference is held in 渝

  People’s Network Chongqing on October 22 (Feng Wenyan) On the 21st, the Cultural and Tourism Department hosted, the Chongqing Municipal Culture and Tourism Development Committee, Chongqing Jiulongpo District People’s Government jointly hosted by the "Yushaosteen Tourism City Cooperation Alliance Conference The Mayor Cultural Tourism Forum "(hereinafter referred to as the General Assembly) was held in Chongqing. The conference uses the method of online underline, surrounding the theme of "sharing the new opportunity of Luhai Tong Road and promotes the development of the Tour World Travel", and the recovery of the recovery of the recovery of the recovery after the common business is promoted. High quality development of the famous cultural tourism.

  The conference study and proposed the "Work Plan of the Tourism City Cooperation Alliance and the Five-Year Action Plan", and the alliance Chinese membership cities discussed the construction of the alliance mechanism through the "Draft Tourism City Cooperation Alliance (China Draft)". Chongqing is the union member and the General Assembly hosted the city to launch the "Tourism Cooperation Chongqing Initiative", and the alliance members advocate the new mechanism of pragmatic cooperation between the International Luhai Trade New Channel and the Western Lu Haixin Channel, build a Gamble area. Tourism City High – rise Tourism Exchange Mechanism and Cooperative Platform.

  It is understood that this conference is a useful discussion of deepening tourism cooperation in the city.

The General Assembly organized the Mayor Cultural Tourism Forum, 28 Alliance Member City Representatives, the World Tourism Alliance, the World Tour City Federation, China-ASEAN Center, and the United Nations World Tourism Organization, and the World Tourism Organization. Representatives of China, Beijing Joint University, etc. The three forum themes invested in-depth discussion in the top theme of rural villages, and pre-prepared for rapid recovery and high quality development in the back of the old epidemic times.

  During the General Assembly, there is also a national Youth Literary Exchange Exhibition, the Temple Culture and Tourism Topics Picture Exhibition and Chongqing and the Temporary Community Exhibition, and the Tourism Characteristic Small Commodity Exhibition, Chongqing Non-Lalestrook Project Interactive Exhibition. .

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