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The first batch of Beijiao Fund officially opened on the bank and did not rule out the "one day sold out" and proportional placing phenomenon reproduction

The first batch of Beijiao Fund officially opened on the bank and did not rule out the "one day sold out" and proportional placing phenomenon reproduction

  Beijing Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as "Beijiao") has officially opened the city in recent days, and some banks have also begun to actively lay out of the North Exchange. "Securities Daily" reporter visited a number of banks to find that the first batch of 8 Beijiao Theme Fund will be sold in some banking channels today.

  Many financial managers said that the current market is highly concerned, and the first day of the North Exchange will not rule out the first batch of funds.

The single product is limited to the setup of 500 million yuan, which has increased the possibility of "sold out one day" or opening proportional placing. Bank online North Exchange First Fund November 16, Huaxia, Guangfa, Hui Tianfu, Easy, South, Castrol, Da Yong, Wanjia Fund, etc. 8 public funds released recruitment instructions and share issuance announcement: minimum 1 yuan subscription, Each product is 5 billion purchases, and the issuance of a total of 4 billion yuan limit is about to start on November 19.

  In general, the fund’s house is also the main distribution channel of the fund.

Recently, the "Securities Daily" reporter visited some bank outlets to find that the bank employee is incarnation fund "spokesperson", and vigorously promotes the theme fund of the Office of the Beijiao. "Securities Daily" reporter also received a shareholding customer manager information: I will go online on November 198 North Exchange Institute, the market is high, you can focus on. Single is limited to 500 million yuan, it is possible to sell! "There are more customers who have recently admitted to the Beijiao Fund, mainly to pay more attention to the establishment of the Beijiao, and the first day of the market is not good.

"The above-mentioned shareholding customer manager said." Securities Daily "reporter combed found that the first investment scope of the first 8 North Exchange Theme Fund is generally similar: the proportion of fund stock assets accounts for 60% -100% in the closed period of 50% -100%. Among them, Hong Kong stock stocks do not exceed 20% of the stock assets, and the proportion of funds in the North Exchange stock is not less than 80% of the non-cash fund assets. Two months after the end of each closure period until the end of the open period. Not limited by the above proportion.

  From the characteristics of the risk income from the above products, the listing theme funds are mixed funds, and the risk benefits is lower than the stock form, higher than the bond funds and monetary market funds.

Some funds will position the R4 level of the product risk level. All product risk tips are mentioned: This type of fund will invest in the stock of North Exchange, which needs to bear unique risks due to investment targets, market systems, and transaction rules, including liquidity risks, risks, and investment concentration risk. , Business risk, delisting risk, stock price fluctuation risk, investment strategy placing stock risk, etc. Many financial managers said to the "Securities Daily" reporter, "Investing in the North Exchange The theme fund needs to prevent investment risks." "Beijiao Theme Fund Investment is a company that is partially small and medium market value, although corporate profitability is good, growth High, but the risk is also high.

Ordinary investors should purchase within their own risk tolerance. "A country has a large line of financial management manager," When choosing the Beijiao Theme Fund, the fund manager can be used as an important consideration indicator in the science and technology field or the new three board investment research. "Financial Subcommittee is aiming to invest" new track "in recent years, the financial subsidiary companies in the speed of the release of the layout market have also opened" Nuggets "in the North Exchange." After the Beijing, we will actively pay attention to and follow Enter the progress and various types of information in the North Exchange. "Some bank insiders said to the" Securities Daily "reporter, the future or will carry out direct investment in the theme of wealth management products. SME has always been one of the main concerns of bank wealth management companies.

Currently, many wealth management companies are increasing the support of science and technology innovation companies by issuing cocibotics theme products. Take the first pure equity product of Jincai Finance "Recruiting Shanghai Harbor Selected Week No. 1" as an example, as of the end of the third quarter, the product mainly invests in the "special spirit" company that meets national policy orientation, new manufacturing And the new energy sector and other standards.

In addition, a number of wealth management companies have layout innovative enterprises in terms of product.

In October this year, BOCTS issued "Bank of China" Silver Financial – specializing in the new FOF strategy (annual opening) 2021 "Product, surrounding the" Special Complete New "topic to find investment opportunities.

  According to the China Treatment Network Data Sir, as of November 18th, 34 products containing "Science and Technology Innovation" by wealth management company, the type of product is mainly based on mixed class, the risk level is three levels. .

  "At the beginning of the North Exchange, bank financial management subsidiaries need some preparations.

"CITIC Securities chief FICC analysts clearly stated on the" Securities Daily "reporter, first to improve investment skills.

In addition, future wealth management companies or will also issue similar topic wealth management products, so they need to learn to explore the investment potential of "new special" enterprises.

  The establishment of the North Exchange provides more high-quality standards with high growth potential to financial markets, bringing more possibilities to bank financial rights asset configuration, but also faces certain challenges.

  Executive Dean of the Digital Economics Research Institute of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, the professor and Lin said in an interview with the "Securities Daily" reporter. The first is the wind control problem, the risk of the Beijiao is high; followed by investment cycle, financial products have Larger liquidity in and outs.

  In this regard, disk and forest suggestion, "Bank wealth management products can consider introducing financial derivatives, risk hedging, can also be the risk of target targets by investing in ETF index funds; for investment cycles, mixed investment models can be used Balance in terms of rights and fixed income liquidity products.

(Editor: Jiang Ji).