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School of Business Administration, Hunan University: Working together to train professional international talents

School of Business Administration, Hunan University: Working together to train professional international talents

In the early winter, the Yushan South Road of Changsha in Hunan has laid a floor leaf. The students who have received falling leaves, clamping into the book, and continue to go to the teaching building.

Liu Mengqi is one of the students who rushed to the teaching building with the "army", after a few hours, she will receive a special "congratulatory letter". On November 11, a congratulatory Creditage from the ACCA Headquarters has left the University of Industry and Commerce, Hunan University, and sincerely congratulate Hunan University and Liu Mengqi. It turned out that ACCA global test results announced, Hunan University Business School 2019 Accounting (ACCA) direction class Liu Mengqi won the first place in September 2021 "FinancialReporting" (FR) Single Chinese Mainland, the top 8 of the world score.

Inside the hospital, an en suite. The hundred-year old tree standing at the entrance of the Industrial and Commercial School, as always stretches his arms, let a batch of lake universities learn, grow in its arms.

The theory and practice of the halfway and the teaching of Hunan University, a bouquet of warm Yang passed through the window, sprinkled with Liu Mengqi’s hand, she was seriously recorded the classroom. Teacher who stands on the stage is a guiding teacher of Assistant Professor of Accounting Department, Hunan University, is also a guiding teacher of Liu Mengqi’s FR Single Examination Project.

"Liu Mengqi’s classmates are a black horse in our class.

"Li Wei can always feel a pair of eyes," she is not the most active one in the class, "she is very serious." "As early as a big one, Liu Mengqi discovered his interest in the knowledge of the accounting. At the end of the semester, he took the initiative to participate in the interview selection of the ACCA direction, becoming one of them. However, for her, first entering the ACCA direction Learning, but it is not going well.

"When I was in the long two, I just transferred to the accounting professional ACCA direction from the business management. I learned a little bit of the school." For Liu Mengqi, "Half Road,", the professional book of all English still can’t be short-term Digestion.

At the beginning of learning, she often sat in the library in the evening in the evening, even if they can only understand the two or three pages of books. As a member of Hunan University Business Administration, ACCA, as a Breakfast Bank of Hunan University, based on the teaching plan of the Accounting Major, incorporating 13 Global Entrance Examination courses of Acca qualification into undergraduate teaching programs. "The first semester is heavy academic makes me feel pressure. After more than two years of learning, my knowledge architecture has been very stable.

"She said that the ACCA direction has a complete and independent training program, the goals are clear, this is not intensing with yourself from a small to big. Liu Mengqi, who is very serious, and treats life, it is also a red sincerity. During the epidemic, the school implemented closed management. Every time I got, I went to take a take-away student. Due to the contactless distribution, most foreign sellers distributed takeaway uniformly in fixed location, not directly contacting students, peeing takeaways , There is an event that occurs when taking the event lost.

On the way to take out, Liu Mengqi gave birth to a bold idea in the bottom of the heart: express delivery can have "express cabinet", why can’t take a "takeaway cabinet"? In the next time, Liu Mengqi has been investigated, planned, and established the "Circle" project team, and prepared for the birth of the "Green Integration System – Smart Environmental Recovery Cabinet" project.

"Liu Mengqi and the team’s classmates came to communicate with me immediately, discuss the possibility of this project implemented in campus." Cao Lishen, deputy director of the Undergraduate Education Center of Hunan University, is an ACCA project The person in charge, expressed very much for the concept of Liu Mengqi and the team.

Under her recommendation, Liu Mengqi docked with the school professional teacher and received strong support from the college. At present, the project is actively preparing, waiting for the funds to land, the students can further feel warm and fast in the campus of the lake.

Hundred Years of Business Land and Tree Forte "My textbook is just that the day is new. Every time I open, I will add a big note." Li Wei picked up a page of the textbook, revealing the ACCA direction The quantities are several times that of other professional courses.

Even so, she still is looking forward to the teaching of the course. "We have to convey to students more knowledge within a limited course time, I hope that the students will learn more." After the day of the day, Li Wei and expertise contacts There is no cut on this. Because of the particularity of the ACCA class, expertise is constantly updated every year. Li Wei returned home, from a "teaching man" immediately switched to a "student", stood at the forefront of data, absorbing the latest knowledge, constantly modifying courseware in tomorrow.

It is in the cultivation of the college, and Liu Mengqi can harvest these honors and water to the stream. It is reported that the ACCA direction class is all borne by the self-contained teachers of Hunan University Business Administration, including 7 doctoral tutors, and the newly introduced excellent young teachers will be used as a backup. There are extensive teaching and practical experience, and forward-looking vision and frontier knowledge. At 13 years of teachers and students, the ACCA direction has achieved remarkable results.

The global test pass rate of most ACCA courses in the direction class is higher than the global and national average pass rate, and two people have obtained the first place in mainland China. Hunan University won the "2018 ACCA South China District Cooperative University Excellent Teacher Cultivation Award", a teacher won the title of "2017 ACCA Annual Excellent Professional Guidance Teacher".

Students and teachers have achieved each other, and after this is, they will be separated from Hunan University Business Administration.

"The Academy provides us with a lot of learning platforms, including the training of teachers in summer ACCA Cooperatives, annual China CPAs, ACCA Cooperatives Overseas Teachers Training and ACCA China Cooperative College British Learning Training Tour, etc. Wait.

"Cao Lizhen said that it is the strong support of the college. Teachers can quickly improve themselves, and more systematically pass knowledge to every student. In the extracurricular practice, the college is specially equipped with school students, unspected time. Host industry and academic experts lectures, corporate participation, etc., allow students to understand the company’s practice and workplace environment.

At the same time, the college and professional training institutions established strategic cooperation to participate in the ACCA global examinations.

"ACCA has offices in Changsha, and our staff in Changsha office is closely linked." Cao Liyu introduced that ACCA officially set outstanding student awards for ACCA students, and launched the "Finance Training Camp" Students conduct overseas internships and hold a competitive competition such as employment force competition (JHC) and other competitions.

In October This year, the AACSB certification expert group was online for the University of Hunan University, implemented a comprehensive online assessment, unanimously approved through review, and gave the "high quality" evaluation of the business education level. (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Luo Shuai) Sharing let more people see client downloads.