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The medical insurance convenience "code" pays for a long queue.

The medical insurance convenience "code" pays for a long queue.

  "Beginning in July, went to the Municipal People’s Hospital to see the medical payment fee, taking medicine without waiting in line." After opening the medical insurance electronic voucher payment function, "patients with hypertension (the name) becomes the first batch of" one yard " "Medical service patient.

  As soon as it is often, Zhang Jun has done a doctor, complete the clinic medical insurance payment through WeChat. With the help of the cardiovascular medicine doctor in Zhongshan People’s Hospital, Zhang Jun passed the free drug distribution, and the pharmacy at the door of the house got high blood pressure. This is beneficial to this year, in order to carry out the practice of "I am doing practical" in the masses, the Zhongshan Medical Protection Bureau has a city linkage, system transformation, technical research, and multi-dimensional propaganda, in the city promotion, "medical insurance electronic voucher" ". At present, more than 164 million Zhongshan insured people have opened the "medical insurance electronic voucher" payment, realize the "one code" purchase medicine, medical payment, lobby certification, differently medical preferences, etc., etc.

  "One-yard" medical insurance service reduces the waiting time of the patient, "Let the data more running, the masses"; reduce the payment of front desk staff, achieve intelligent, humanized, convenient; reducing the pressure of the epidemic, realizing the medical purchase No contact payment.

This greatly enhances the mass medical service experience, solving the problem of "row for the long team" in Zhongshan.

  The medical insurance "code" payment time has been significantly reduced "Medical Security Electronic Voucher" is the only identity document of the national medical insurance.

It has the advantages of convenient and fast, national, rich, safe and reliable. The medical insurance insured can scan the code from medical insurance, purchase medicine, and enjoy more flexible and convenient medical services.

  In order to change the "code", crack the barrier, the Zhongshan Medical Security Bureau links hundreds of medical institutions and pharmacies to study countermeasures, overtime, and overline the system renovation of the system after the domestic medical insurance information platform. By coordinating the "medical insurance electronic voucher" function, solve comprehensive chain problems such as the price of collective drugs involved in "code", invoice information accuracy, and convenient self-service terminal, Zhongshan "medical insurance electronic voucher" payment work is achieved Comprehensive advancement.

  In order to broaden the scene, the Municipal Medicine Bureau actively docks with the Municipal Health and Health Bureau, the Municipal Government Service Data Management Bureau and other departments, explores the "medical insurance electronic voucher" online settlement, the delivery office, "medical insurance electronic voucher" and health New features such as code integration use, expand the medical security electronic voucher function application scenario, provide more quality and efficient and efficient medical services. In just a year, more than 100 medical institutions and Zhongshan Torch Development Zone Hospital, Zhongshan Torch Development Zone Hospital, Zhongshan Torch Development Zone Hospital, Zhongshan Dongfeng People’s Hospital, etc. More than 700 fixed-point pharmacy Opened the "medical insurance electronic voucher" payment function.

After the payment of the medical insurance "code", the per capita settlement time of Zhongshan People’s Hospital has been reduced from the original 20 minutes to about 2 minutes. The average daily settlement is about 8,000, and it truly realizes the time of medical payment, province, provincial queues. .

  The activation rate reaches% of the million insured people to open the medical insurance electronic voucher "Medical Security Electronic Vupilization" on the initial stage of online, the masses have awareness rate and cognition is not high.

In order to enable more insured people to enjoy this medical insurance reform dividend, the Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau wants to promote the opening of medical insurance electronic vouchers.

From the city hospital, pharmacies to the city’s village community, factory enterprises, Municipal Medical Board and all town streets, more than 30 hospitals and main chain pharmacies have docked "medical insurance electronic voucher" promotion training, and deep into the board, Southlang, three Villages and factory companies on the township, Zhengba and other town streets. At the Ministry of Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Participation Working Committee, Municipal Education and Sports Bureau, Municipal Health and Health Bureau, Municipal Capital Committee, etc. Take a guidance.

  Combined with strength, the Municipal Medicine Bureau online through "Zhongshan Medical Insurance", fixed-point medical institution, WeChat group, etc.

Any citizen who activates electronic vouchers can get 2 to 3 yuan of cash rewards. These measures have enabled the "medical insurance electronic voucher" to become a full-time event that everyone is involved, everyone benefited. After multi-channel all-round promotion, the insured people have significantly improved the knowledge of "medical insurance electronic vouchers", and the number of activation has increased significantly.

As of November 16, the number of "medical insurance electronic vouchers" in Zhongshan City is 1.64 million, the activation rate reaches%, the activation number and the activation rate increases more than the beginning of the year, and the province will be the first in the year. Southern Daily reporter Zeng Yanchun correspondent O’zopeng.