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Coast: Cadres help sell egg farmers to benefit

  People’s Network Chongqing April 19th electric "Shen Shu, you have a total of 215 eggs today, a egg yuan, 215 eggs are Yuan. You are harvested, next time I will come to help you sell eggs." April 16th morning Despite the rain and slippery, Zhang Hong has arrived at 5 groups of farmers in Baiyu Village in Kaizhou District, in advance, helping the elderly to sell 215 eggs of the backlog, watching the egg being sold, the old man laughs It is getting closed.

  Since the study of party history education since Kaizhou District, the party members and cadres in the town have become educated and inspired by education and inspiration, surrounding the masses "hard to expect an accepted" annoyance, puzzles, troubles, etc., the town has set off up and down " I am doing practical things for the masses, truly learn the history, understanding of the idea, do practical things, and the opening of the new bureau, so that the party members and cadres are educated and the masses are affordable. 71-year-old Shen Chengyun, because of the illness, Zhang Hong is his help. Diligence is reluctant to Shen Chengyun, although he has been high, but has 30 chickens, with an average of 15 eggs every day, 100 eggs can be accumulated in a week, and the eggs will be sold in the town every Sunday.

However, due to the more rainy water in the past, it will bring inconvenience to Shen Chengyun, so that the eggs cannot be sold.

Seeing the eggs, the more you are, and spring eggs are not easy to store, and it is easy to change for a long time, let Shen Cheng Yunxin blocked. After Zhang Hong learned about this situation, he quickly issued an initiative at the Working Group of Hot Spring Town, advocated the cadres and workers to purchase the eggs of Shen Chengyun, and selling 215 eggs.

Zhang Hong also promised to Shen Chengyun, and the elderly only raised the chicken, selling eggs, and shipped eggs by him, thoroughly 上海浦东金桥女便宜 solved the old people’s trouble. "Shen Cheng Yun’s eggs, the cadres in our town basically packaged. Every time I get to the old man, I have a little far away from the town, the old man is not allowed to take the car, and the time to return at least half a day, so that Time and feminine, it is more afraid of the old people to wrestle. "Zhang Hong said.

(Liu Zhengning, Jiang Haitao, Xiong Wei) (Editor: 上海外卖私人工作室思 Chen Yi, Zhang Wei).