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62 minutes! Hubei first across high-speed rail bridge perfect "turning"

In the early morning of November 17, the month is empty, the temperature dropped to 7 degrees Celsius, located in the east section of Ma’an Expressway in Maicheng Village, Songtun Town, Macheng City, a giant T-shaped high-speed railway and Hurong high-speed railway only 10 meters Place in parallel. "Step!" Zero 17 points, as Wang Shouzi, the general manager of the Macheng East Branch of Hubei Turban Highway, the silent night sky came to the "" sound of the steel strand, this length 130 Rice, 34 meters wide, highway bridges of 10,000 tons of highway bridges slowly "turn", about 1 degree per minute. How to make Tens of tonnes "turn"? Following the main business workers of China Railway 12th Bureau, Hubei Daily’s full media reporter came to the bridge pier. I saw a carousel of more than 10 meters in diameter. There is eight sets of support below to ensure the balance of the bridge.

Wearing a hard hat, workers wearing yellow reflective vests work together, manipulating the rim of the rim of the two sides of the two-sided "pull". Zhu Tao is like "two bowl stacked together", while supporting more than 20,000 tons of weight, with the traction system with the steam ball hinge, like "turn", four two thousand pounds to make bridge switches .

Hu Rong high-speed rail is our country’s Dongxi traffic agency, busy train.

In order to reduce the impact on high-speed rail operation, the construction 上海后花园私人会所 safety is guaranteed, and the construction party decided to adopt the transfiguration method and use the railway business line "Sky Window" construction. Wang Shouzi said that there is a sputum railway in the eastern section of Ma’an High-speed Macheng, the general length of about 16 kilometers, and the Shanghai-Bar high-speed rail is separated. The two-side connecting line is 550 meters, and the investment is about 100 million yuan. The price is other tab. Be double.

"Selecting this way, expensive truth." Wang Shouzi explained that compared with the traditional cast-in-place construction method, the shift saving time, but also guaranteed construction safety, in fact, more economical. "As the first shovel bridge across the high-speed rail, ‘long’ is extraordinary." Hubei Daily, the 上海后花园交友论坛 full media reporter, the Hubei Daily, the Hubei Daily, is seen from the ground. The shape of the bridge is vaguely visible to a double-layer guard field, and the protective wall is as high as 5 meters. This year, Hubei has 5 bridge swivers.

In Bai Mountain Cloud, the bridge is frequently "gymnastics". It is the vivid manifestation of the grab time of Hubei Traffic Key Project and grab the elements. At the same time, Hubei builders insist on innovation and drive, and the "ball hinge" technology continues to break through, so that more and more bridges "turn, turn stabilize, and turn". At 1:19, the T-shaped rigid bridge was 62 minutes, and the total rotation was perfectly rotated. It was perfect "hand in hand" with the main Tower pier box beam on both sides.

"The 爱上海同城论坛油压 bridge shift is successful, marking the entire line of the entire Ma’an Expressway, the Macheng East Section will accelerate the pace of construction, the beginning of the screwdriver, 10 months in advance than the contractual period.

"Wang Shouzi is full of confidence.

It is reported that after passing the car in the eastern section of Ma’an Expressway, from the large mountainous area to the Qinba Mountains, it will form a shortcut channel to "build a fulcrum, walk in the forefront, and write new articles". (Hubei Daily full media reporter Dai Huiku correspondent Li Shoubing).