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2021 Deqing Gong Citrus is listed

Tong citroen in the industrial park ushered in the first year.

  At the beginning of the winter, I also heard the Nantong citrus. On November 11th, the color golden, the skin is smooth, the meat is crisp, the sweetness, the sweetness of the deqing gong is officially promoted, and the citria is sweet.

  The Deqing Citness of the "Chinese Citrus" is won, with the help of the province vigorously develop the "Dongfeng" developed by the modern agricultural industrial park, and once again rejg. In 2018, Deqing Tong Citrus provincial modern agricultural industrial park was formally established, which became the first batch of modern agricultural industrial parks in Guangdong Province, which participated in the establishment of the industrial park, the Country Garden Agriculture (Deqing) Co., Ltd., was identified in 2019 Zhaoqing City Agricultural Leading Enterprise. After three years of cultivation, the industrial park planted Tong citroid ushered in the first year, which also means that the Deqing Gong is ushered in the new stage of development.

  Zhenxing Deqing gang citrus from seedlings, Deqing is the hometown of China Tonggong, has a history of more than 1300 years.

Deqing gong citrus is a tender juice, sweet and sweet, refreshing, rich, and has a good reputation of Chinese citrus.

At the end of the 1980s, the Deqing County Party Committee and the county government tribute to the leading industry to develop local agricultural economy, so that Deqing county has developed rapidly. During the heyday, Deqing citrus is more than 300,000 mu. Almost every household is rich in citrus, "Tong Citi" "Gong Cseus Terrier" is everywhere. In 2012, Huanglong is raging, and the deqing gong is more reduced. There is less than 50,000 mu of minimum valley, so that some fruit farmers lose confidence. "2018 is the first year of implementing a rural resolution strategy. It is also the year, Guangdong Province issued a relevant policy of building a modern agricultural industrial park. It hopes to drive the modernization of agricultural rural areas in the industry." Country Garden Deqing Gong Industrial Park is responsible Zhao Xin told reporters to respond to the call of the province, under the leadership of the Provincial Agricultural Rural Department and the Deqing County Party Committee and the county government, it hopes to lead the demonstration leading to the industrial park. , Driving the farmer to re-develop the citrus industry. Many farmers’ confidence grows from the viral nursery base in the industrial park. "We are on the source, we guarantee the quality of seedlings.

The seedlings have been cultivated, saving a lot of things in planting, minimum reduction in investment, the quality of Tonggong is also high.

"Huang Huang, Techno," Country Garden Agriculture (Deqing) Co., Ltd., said that the company rented 57 acres in Wufu Village in Guanyu Town, newly built a viral nursery greenhouse base, including glass greenhouse, seedling greenhouse, drip equipment, functional room, material Field and cold storage, they use modern agricultural techniques such as nutritious soil, automatically regulate temperature and humidity, and provide high-quality non-toxic fruit seedlings to surrounding plantations. Qi’s situation, improve the breeding system of citrus-free variety seedlings in Guangdong Province to ensure sustainable development of citrus industry.

It is reported that the base is expected to cultivate 250,000 citrus seeds each year, which can be provided to Deman local farmers and plantations inside and outside Guangdong Province.

  The reporter also learned that in addition to ensuring the quality of seedlings, other planting links cannot be ignored.

"We mainly take comprehensive prevention, including biological measures, physical measures, etc. At the same time, we specialized in protective forests, playing the propagation effect of preventing pests and pests of Huanglong disease." Huang Huang Huang Huang Huang Ming always toned.

  Take the modern agricultural industrial park to promote the new development of the Deqing Congcan Industry into the Deqing Citrier Provincial Modern Agricultural Industrial Park. You can see a large-scale demonstration orchard in the garden. In the orchard, you can see the smart collector of soil moisture that is collected in the field floor; enter the planting greenhouse, automatic sprinkler irrigation system, and ventilation system should be

  Industrial Revitalization is the top priority of rural revitalization, and the construction of modern agricultural industrial park is an important starting point for the implementation of rural resolution and promoting the prosperity of the industry. In recent years, Guangdong has attached great importance to the construction of modern agricultural industrial parks, and as a "bull nose" that implemented the revitalization of rural resolution.

Modern Agricultural Industrial Park gathers modern production factors such as production, processing, marketing, forming the "combined fist" of agricultural high-quality development, which has strongly promoted the upgrade of agriculture, and the full chain value added. Taking the modern agricultural industrial park in Deqing Tonggong as an example, it establishes a virus-free nursery breeding base, high standard planting demonstration base, Gong mandarin modern processing base, fruit testing center and online sales system, digital agricultural water fertilizer Integrated, field agricultural meteorological stations, etc. "The previous farmers grow is dinner by the sky, and we are now taken by water fertilizer integration technology, but it can not only improve the output of fruit trees, but also reduce costs, such as provincial fertilizer labor.

Generally, in the case of water fertilizer integration, the increase in production is more than 30%. "Huang Huang said that the industrial park is to play with high standards to play farmers, for example, they will train farmers, and technical guidance to the surrounding implants. Zhao Xin also said that they use the company to add farmers. The mode to attract more farmers, and planting tribute has been forming a cooperative body with more than 30 farmers.

  A rural industry prosperous new picture is now formed in South Guangdong Dadi! It is reported that, at present, the province has built 16 national, 161 provincial, 55 high-level modern agricultural industrial parks, as of 2020, 161 provincial industrial park leading the total industrial output value of 305.1 billion yuan.

In July of this year, the official website of the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government, the provincial agricultural rural house, the rural Zhenxing Bureau "2021 ~ 2023, the province’s modern agricultural industrial park construction work program" (hereinafter referred to as "program") has been formally issued by the people’s 上海干磨上门 government, this It means that the second round of the construction of the modern agricultural industrial park in Guangdong Province officially launched. According to the "plan", Guangdong planned 2021-2023 to build 100 provincial industrial parks, realize the advantageous industries, agricultural counties (cities, districts), main characteristic varietiment provincial industrial park full coverage, striving for a group of national-level industrial parks To create a batch of industrial chains, competitive advantageous industries (bands) at home and abroad. Deqing Tong Di "Go out" With New Road "Thank you parents to accompany me in my learning road, my father, my father, I love you!" This is one of the agreement of Tang Ziqiu in the Deqing Citrine Provincial Modern Agricultural Industry Park. The blessings of the fruit trees, the participation is in 上海水磨论坛is September this year, "I have a Tang Tree in Deqing" in Deqing County. In order to help Deqing Tongzhi special agriculture, scale development, Country Garden Core Alliance, Country Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. actively cooperates with the local government to jointly explore new paths in the industrial revitalization, regarding industrial revitalization as an important starting hand, constructing Tong citroen special industries By marketing channels, through the creation of brand standardization, it has developed a certain market competitiveness, differentiated German high-quality tribute, and tribute is media, push farming, pushing culture, will fully connect the Congcao industry and the literature industry to promote the countryside Revitalize.

  At the same time, a batch of agreements took advantage of the Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day to Deman Route Mountain, Tour, Toyo, Quanchao, Piece of Featured, and live the theme of the world, come to talk about travel. "With local idyllic scenery and landmark specialty tribute, create the most native-characterized theme guest. At the same time, use the Country Garden resources and local characteristics, attract more tourists to us.

Luo Yuer, Demini Operation Director, Demin Store Operation in Bixin Township, Bixi, Bixie, said. In the view of the industry, this tribute tree recognizes the activity, leaving on the current "commodity pre-sale" mode, explore the promotion of the whole Tong citrus industry chain turned from the past "production supply and market" into a "sales supply", let the fruit farmers realize the "fruitless, money to collect", enhance their development confidence, and from the buy tribute, eat tribute to see the process, The cultural culture, met the needs of the "return to farm". It is excited that 2021 Deqing citroen is listed! "We will send the fruits of picking to the machining center, depending on the color, shape, sugar, Whether there is an indicator such as a flaws to sort.

Tong citrus will first supply the sales channels such as Country Garden Core Alliance Corporate Bixi Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., And through the Shuishan Social Biki Township and Bi Township Farm, the Bixi Farm, and the E-commerce Platform, etc. Tongguan sales, help villagers’ income and get rich.

Peng Haicheng, the sales person in Guide Agricultural Deqing Co., Ltd., said, "In fact, it rely on the industrial park of these hundreds of acres, and there is not much output value production.

We also hope to upgrade the quality and brand of Deqing Tonggong to help farmers sell a good price and play a role in driving around.

He told reporters. Text / map Guangzhou Daily full media reporter Zhang Lou.