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Dongcheng District Landscaping Bureau carries out American white moths, and digging activities

The event is invited to the greening expert to guide. People’s Daily Nian Zuo Rui Repair People’s Network Beijing November 19th (Dong Zhai) November 18 On the afternoon, Dongcheng District Landscaping Bureau jointly reported to party members back to the community, organizational organs and park management centers, all party members to the Peaceful Street, Xiaohuangzhuang "I am doing practical things for the masses, scientific and control home" to build the theme party day activities, focusing on the activities of "Branch Building + Scientific Prevention and Control + Epidemic Control", with the Municipal Landscaping Bureau, Municipal Garden Green Resources Protection Center, City The harmful biological prevention and control association, the street community, the community property and other party members and the masses have carried out the identification of American white moths, and dig the control activities, popularize the prevention and control knowledge of American white moths. At the same time, there is also the corner of the street health and death angle cleaning, killing, doing a new crown. Epidemic block health prevention work.

According to the staff, according to the US white moth habits, in the middle and late October, the US white moth larvae gradually underwent, and the current excavation work is an effective means for the prevention and control of American white moths in winter. It can effectively reduce the base of winter insects, alleviating 2022 prevention and control pressure.

The event site invited green experts and professional workers to conduct one-on-one guidance for party members who participated in the event, and distributed small shovel, small scorpion, gloves and other tools, and cleaning tools.

The participating residents are also strong, actively, digging, and asking the staff, I have learned a lot of knowledge about the maintenance of flowers. A professional green worker in the scene said: "The people’s interests have no small things, the emergence of the US white moth epidemic, which has caused inconvenience to the daily life of many people.

As a party member, we must do our own job, make full use of our own expertise and technology, and do full efforts to solve problems for the masses. "A resident involved in the event said:" On the tree in October, there are many white caterpillars on the ground, and the green leaves are eaten, don’t say green landscape, give travel to travel.

After the government’s reaction, the landscaping department responded particularly quickly, and immediately made a drug and killed, the effect was significant, and the old residents of our children were particularly satisfied.

The disease prevention and treatment is very professional, and if we want to participate, there must be guidance from professional power. I hope that similar activities can be carried out later, give you an opportunity to exchange activities, not only learn more green knowledge, but also enhance neighborhood feelings and create a beautiful living environment. Xu Yongchun, deputy director of Dongcheng District Landscaping Bureau, said that in the face of the situation of harmful biological prevention and control, especially American white moth, in addition to giving full play to the strength of the professional team, the most important thing is to persist in group defense, To be widely launched, fully mobilized, national participation, eliminate each prevention and control dead angle, jointly maintain our ecology, living environment. It is understood that the winter American white moth prevention and control is mainly through the digging of, then, Dongcheng District garden greening The bureau will take online training, on-site guidance, etc., organize relevant personnel of green maintenance in the region to carry out special training for prevention and control technology, and organize practical drills. From now until the end of February, they concentrate on tuned activities in the jurisdiction, and concentrated Eliminate. At the same time, the resources will also be integrated. With the help of the city’s prevention and control association, organize professionals to deepen the streets, various communities, on-site guidance community personnel to find tissue, give full play to the community, and the property is rooted in group defense. Winter insects, alleviate the prevention and control pressure next year. In addition to the staff and the masses in the small Huangzhuang District, for the extensive mobilization, strengthen training, activities also invited the representatives of the 20 communities in Peace Street to participate, bring the technology to the community, After the group defense group, after the end of the activities, 上海松闵行水磨会所 the party members also continued to carry out hygiene sweep, cleaning the road, cleaning the garbage debris and sanitary corner, and taking medicine in the community, helping new crown epidemic district health prevention work .

In order to resolutely prevent the third-generation American white moth disaster and serious disturbance, in addition to the excavation activities in Xiaoyangzhuang District, Dongcheng 上海私人会所 District Landscaping Bureau leads to party-building as the leadership, give full play to the fighting fortress of the party organization and the pioneer model The role, actively took the initiative to do well within the jurisdiction of the US white moth, and during the November 15th to 22nd, the "Scholars’ Justice Treated" Theme Party Day.

The system of each party branch returned to the community, carefully investigating the green landscape of the community, street key sections and sensitive geographies, and reducing the US white moth larvae by manual excavation of the US white moths, and promoting publicity training on the street community, ensuring the integrity of the green landscape of the town. Ecological security. (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.