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Close-up: Hong Kong Street National Day atmosphere

  Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, on September 29, there are two days from October 1, and you can feel the rich National Day atmosphere in Hong Kong. On the lamppost next to major roads, there is a banner that bless the motherland. .

They across the Hong Kong Nine New Territories, escorting the vehicles of the travelers, all the way. The rising sun rises, and the "China Red" flutters in the wind in Hong Kong.

Located over Lidong Street in Wan Chai, a "flag sea" consisting of more than 100-faced five-star red flag and the flag of Hong Kong, attracting many pedestrians to watch and take pictures.

In the Yuanliang eight townships outside dozens of kilometers, the workers welcomed the five-star red flag on the roof of the village, and the Bauhinia Flag of the village was mixed.

  Stepping into the New Territories, the lamppost on the road is hung up on a five-star red flag.

They are spontaneously hanged by a group of Hong Kong people, and have been involved in Hong Kong citizens, the reason why it is doing so, I want to see the light column next to the road on the National Day. The taxi and small pasters who have passed from time to time are "sticking to the ‘one country, two" Hong Kong prosperity progress "," celebrating the 20th anniversary of the 10th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China "and other slogans and other slogans, shuttle in the city.

  Near Yuan Long and Tai Po’s police station, the garden, gymnasium, school and community centers, can see a large flower card, which writes the warm congratulations and expectations of the country: "Guofu people" The wind is smooth "" Baiye Xingwang "… On the Notes of the Yuan Dynasty, it posted the publicity list of various National Day celebrations, such as celebrating the establishment of the new China’s 72nd anniversary, creative filling and painting competition, etc. Let the majority of Hong Kong people can participate in this event.

  People from all walks of life in Hong Kong have organized a number of celebrations at the end of September, including the tide of all walks of life, the science and technology, industry and business and press.

In Hong Kong SAR, Chief Expo, Lin Zheng Yue, attended the Hong Kong Press, celebrated the 72nd anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, said that it is more than seventy years in the founding of New China, even if they have faced many difficulties and challenges, but in the people’s 上海浦东新茶外卖 unity, a few Under the unremitting efforts of the agent, the country overcomes another difficult relationship, and now it has become the second largest economy in the world, and the lives of people have also improved. Lin Shi Yue said that the country has achieved the world’s attention in recent years in the field of manned space, the exploration project, and the poverty and epidemic prevention and control.

As a Chinese, we are very happy and proud to have a poor in the country.

  On October 1, Hong Kong will hold a flag ceremony and National Day, and the five-star red flag will rise in the Golden Bauhinia Square in the bright national anthem.

  "Hong Kong’s development has always been unsuless to the country, blood is connected to water, closely connected.

"Lin Zheng Yuxi 上海杨浦四大油压会所 said. (Editor: Liu Jie, Liu Ye Ting) Share more people to see.