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8 network disk companies signed the self-discipline Convention, promised to launch "no difference rate" products during the year

On November 17, under the guidance of the information and communication development of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, 上海可约的微信群 China Internet Association, China Information Communications Research Institute organized Baidu network disk, Tencent, Tianyi cloud disk, and colorful cloud, Ali cloud disk, Thunder cloud disk , 360 security cloud and Netease network disk, the first batch of 8 network disk companies jointly signed the "Self-discipline of personal network service business users" (hereinafter referred to as the Convention), promise to launch "no difference rate" within 2021 Products provide no different types of upload / download rate services for all kinds of users. At present, the global digital economy is booming. Internet information technology, which is represented by Internet, big data, and cloud computing. The personal network disk business is gradually become one of the main applications of the majority of netizens in the digital economic era, and the development prospects are broad. At the same time in the market, the masses of some personal network disk business, misleading publicity, etc., the masses have reflected outstanding, causing extensive attention from all walks of life to become a short board link for network speed reduction.

"Convention" offers clear agreements from providing non-different upload / download rate services, strengthening technological products and business model innovation, optimizing tariffs, standardized publicity behavior, smooth consultation and complaint channels. At the meeting, 8 network disk companies have released the implementation of the Convention, promised to launch "no differential rate" products in 2021, providing all kinds of user experience, improve user experience, improve service Level, actively develop healthy and orderly development of personal network disk service business to make efforts and contributions.

The signing of the Convention is not only a central disk enterprise responding to the user concerns, fulfilling social responsibility, strengthening self-constraints. It is also a specific action to enter the network speed bottleneck, consolidate the results of network speeding, and encourage market entities to break through the existing market. Relatively single development model, strengthening technology, product and business model innovation, enhanced core competitiveness and industrial value have an important role.

The next step, the Ministry of Information and Communication Development Division will guide the relevant subjects, one is to raise awareness and effectively protect the rights and interests of users. Focus on the urgency of the broad masses of the people, overturns to meet the basic business needs of users and sustainable development, and continuously improve the access, happiness and sense of security of the people’s use of information services.

The second is strict self-discipline, and it will be implemented and implemented. Establish long-term working mechanisms, improve complaint supervision channels, and announce the progress of work to the public to ensure good implementation, implementation, and publicize the provisions of the Convention. The third is to strengthen innovation and promote the healthy development of the industry. Actively transform the way of development, put technology innovation in a more prominent position, make full use of the elastic scheduling network resources, adding the effect, and increasing the development kinetic energy of the industry.

Attached: "Personal Network Service Business User Experience Self-discipline Convention" full-text personal network disk service business user experience guarantee self-discipline Convention Chapter 1 General, first to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Internet users, further enhance service quality and user experience, safeguarding fair Competition, rationally and orderly market environment, promoting the health and sustainable development of personal network disk service business, and formulates this Convention.

Article 2 This Convention is called a personal network disk service business that the Internet service provider uses a specific computer program to provide data stores, backup, transfer, and other information service services for natural person consumers. Series services and products. The user experience refers to the user’s online access experience when providing personal network disk service business business, including user upload / download rate experience, online file browsing experience, and product complaint feedback service experience. Article 3 This Convention applies to individual network disk service business operators and other units that comply with this Convention and accept supervision.

Article 4 The China Internet Association is responsible for the implementation of the organization of this Convention.

Chapter 2 Self-discipline clauses Article 5 follows the law-abiding, integrity, fairness, neutrality, objective basic principles, follow the values ??of safety, stability, and reliable network cloud storage industry, and actively safeguard national interests, public interests and industry interests, respect the Internet users Legal rights. Article 6 Compliance with relevant national laws, regulations, regulations and policies, conduct individual network disk service business according to law, compliance, and integrity, consciously abide by the industry convention, and actively strengthen industry self-discipline, and strive to create a healthy and orderly personal network disk service business environment.

Article 7 Initiatives In the same network access conditions, personal network disk service business operators provide no different types of upload / download rate services for all kinds of users. Article 8 Concerned from factors such as their own service capabilities, business development and business models, and should not provide seventh services, at least two limited conditions should be launched under Article 7 (such as limiting upload / download time, etc.) Products are free to choose to ensure that users’ basic business needs are met.

Article 9 Let’s take advantage of and elastic scheduling network resources, increasing product types, upgrading online services, document uploading / download services, etc., to meet user diversified, personalized service needs.

Article 10 Strengthening technology, product and business model innovation, enhance the core competitiveness and industrial value of enterprises, and promotes the industry’s benign and sustainable development.

Article 11 Optimizing product service tariffs, publishing / downloading rates, storage space, feature rights and tariff levels, etc. Article 12 Standardizing publicity behavior, avoiding the use of "speeding" and other propaganda words, refuses to publicize, exaggerated, etc.

For those described in the "speed limit", "speed", etc., the service rate supply mechanism should be clearly indicated to ensure the right to know and select the right.

Article 13 Unloading the consultation and complaint channel, improve the customer service mechanism, and improve the level of service. Accept and properly handle users’ opinions and suggestions in a timely manner.

For problems that are difficult to solve in the short term, in the case of seeking principles, objectively explain the feedback problem, handling methods, etc., and effectively enhance the user’s sense. Article 14 Enhance social responsibility, strengthen self-constraints, and take the initiative to accept supervision from all walks of life, seriously treat consumers and recommendations, and improve the lack of service in the service. Chapter 3 Implementation Article 15 The China Internet Association is responsible for organizing the signing and implementation of this Convention and promptly promoting national policies, laws and regulations to the signing unit in a timely manner.

Article 16 The member unit of this Convention signed this Convention and is constrained by this Convention and comply with the implementation of this Convention.

Article 17 The member unit of this Convention violates this Convention and has adversely affected, any unit and individual have the right to report to the implementation agency of this Convention.

After verifying or organizing evaluation, this Convention executive is given to the internal notification, and the eligibility of the Member unit of this Convention shall be dealt with. Article 18 When a dispute occurs between member units of this Convention, the disputes should be solved in consultation with the principles of mutual understanding, and they can request a convention to conduct mediation to minimize the development of public criticism or media. Way to solve disputes, consciously maintain industry unity, and maintain the overall interests of the industry.

Chapter IV: The Convention will take effect by signing the statutory representative of the Convention or its commissioned representatives and its entrusted representative, which will be taken into effect after the unit of the unit, and will be announced from the Chinese Internet Association to the public, and it will be implemented from the date of publication. Article 20 This Convention follows the principles of "dynamic revision and gradual improvement".

Signed by the implementation agency or by this Convention or more than one-tenth of the conventions, this Convention can be modified by two-thirds of the signing unit. Article 21 The individual network disk service business operators accept the self-discipline rules of this Convention can apply to join the Convention; the signing units of this Convention can also quit this Convention and inform the Convention execution agency; the Convention execution agency issues 上海KB论坛 periodically Exit the list of units of this Convention. Article 22 This Convention is explained by the China Internet Association.